Visiting Cuba – Day 4

Endlich schien die Sonne wieder und der Tag war zum Sightseeing zu Fuß nutzbar. Nachdem die ersten Tag sehr gefüllt waren mit sehr gemischten Gefühlen, sollte es jetzt etwas gelassener angegangen werden, um die Eindrücke der ersten Tag zu vertiefen.

Visiting Cuba – Day 3

Oh, what a day we had to say: getting up in the morning after another noisy night we figured out that it was heavily raining and the temperature dropped down to 18 °C. Still very warm compared to the winter temperatures back in Europe (around 0 °C) but unexpected and surprising. The wind was blowing in… Weiterlesen Visiting Cuba – Day 3

Visiting Cuba

Preparations To see Cuba before it changes it’s attitude towards capitalism, we decided to go there early 2017. The preparation to find a hotel or even B&B – that would fit our expectations – wasn’t that easy. First of all we started to talk to friends who visited Cuba before. They spoke about their All-Inclusive… Weiterlesen Visiting Cuba