_What a place: The Royal Palace Alhambra

What a place: The Royal Palace Alhambra

The Alhambra Palace from seen from Albayzin
The Alhambra Palace from seen from Albayzin

When I was told that Granada is a place to visit, I also got the message that the Alhambra should be on my to-do-list. Because of the fact that we decided to travel with Studiosus the „Andalusien mit Muße“ tour this was already included into it.

To join the Alhambra guided tour I had to make it to the front door at 8 o’clock: „Andalusien mit Muße“ – I must say, that was not the case. The bus driver waited for the group already to take them to the front entrance of the Alhambra, where our tour started at 8:30 o’clock because they offer times lots of 30 minutes. When you don’t make it within that period your ticket will be invalid. That is because over a single day 8,000 people are visiting the palace and the crowd has to get organised somehow. If you didn’t book your tour much in advance (around 60€) and you need an immediate ticket with tour-guide, it will cost you – when available – 300€ instead. Therefore be prepared and pre-order it.

There is no need to talk much about the rooms and visited palaces because that is something you easily can read in many books and leaflets or you visit the Alhambra organisations website, but to envision it by yourself is something really breathtaking: There is three-dimensional stucco and countless engravings that show Arabic poems. I really do recommend to go there and experience it by yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Right after the Royal Palace we strolled through the gardens towards Generalife, the summer house, where we could see the gardeners perfect design and work. It was crowed as the places before but not anymore controlled by time-slots. Therefore it was anoying to envision the behaviour of the other visitors who didn’t pay attention to each other.

Walking back to my hotel made my day, finally. I went through the former Jewish quarter of Granada and visited a very interesting area. I can recommend to walk through town and keep away from busy roads. It might be a steep and stony walk but very refreshing and exciting, too.