_Butterfly garden at the Sayn Palace

Butterfly garden at the Sayn Palace

A destination – worth visiting for a short-trip – is the Butterfly Garden in Bendorf. Visitors are invited to see Sayn Palace and the ancient Castle high above Sayn. You can take a walk through the magnificent park of Sayn Palace and observe exotic butterflies between tropical plants in the Butterfly Garden, that was created in 1987 by Prin­cess Gabriela zu Sayn-Wittgen­stein.

We decided to visit the Butterfly Garden on Easter Sunday. During a short phone-call we got the confirmation that the facilities are open and that butterflies are present. Although we took our grandchildren (6 and 9 years of age) with us there has never been a problem to walk through the gardens. All butterflies can use the whole area to fly around. The turtles are diving into the water and the mysterious iguana are delightful as well as the little Chinese Dwarf quails, whose chicks are barely larger than a bumble bee.

The „journey“ trough the garden takes you into a little tropic paradise, to palm- and banana-trees as well as trickling waterfalls and the colourful flourish of exotic butterflies from South America, Africa and Asia. You can discover the blue Morpho of Brazil, that majestically flies through the air constantly grabbing the attention of all visitors.

Blue Morpho of Brazil
Blue Morpho of Brazil

In the “caterpillar house” you can find tiny butterfly eggs, hungrily munching caterpillars and expertly camouflaged cocoons.

A small insectarium shows tarantulas, snakes and other exotic pets. If it’s spring, summer or autumn, the Butterfly Garden is always the right destination for visitors of all ages, a paradise for nature-lovers and hobby photographers who love to experience the beauty of nature.