_Currently researching for …

… a new destination: Warsaw!

As for many years already I am planning much ahead regarding my travel destinations. Therefore I started my investigation into flight fares, housing rates, hotel costs, tour guides, rental cars, etc. quite early.


My next destination – Warsaw Old Town – is part of the UNESCO world heritage list. I selected it after carefully looking into the available flight connections, hotel offers and other valuable information such as costs of living and so on. I flew into WAW three times before on business trips which means quickly into town and as fast as possible out again. Each time I visited the Telewizja Polsat broadcasting station (2008 and 2014) and reported on their migration from analogue to digital technology. Anyway, that was something else but today I travel to Poland for enjoyment and a short vacation.

To fly into Warsaw from my hometown is at least 100 EUR more costly therefore I decided to fly from DUS with a direct Eurowings (EW) connection. All LH connections from CGN are either going through Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich or Zurich and take almost 4 hours to get there. The EW ticket came up to roughly 120 EUR including a suitcase and a snack/drink. Nowadays travellers have to pay for almost everything on a plane. But: Driving by car into Warsaw or even by train is no option. The train needs almost 23 hours to get there with a stop-over in Berlin. And – the price is 250 EUR at least in 1. Class coach plus the hotel room in Berlin. Therefore I have chosen the less economical way: I fly into WAW – It’s less than 90 minutes to get there. And the taxi ride from the airport into town takes another 20 minutes. Driving by car would take a full day too with the danger of having a break-down or something else.

My research for accommodation went well. I’ve used several platforms to find the best offer and finally booked through hotel.de, because they provide a business discount on top of any reservation with the option to cancel the same day until 6 PM. The hotel I booked looks very sophisticated and trendy. I hope that it’s the right choice. But being on business trip over the last 30 years anything will be better than what I experienced back then. You will see when I do return from Warsaw.

But before I will stay there for four days I will have a break in the 4* Dolomitengolf Hotel and Spa in Levant, Austria. You will read in a separate blog about that stay. I’ll keep you updated.