_Sightseeing and „Tea for Two“

Murray's in BarmouthRainy days are something that nobody needs, really! We did have the bad luck to experience plenty of rainy days while we visited Wales in June 2017. The question was: Do we walk into town or use our tandem to explore the tiny city Barmouth? We decided to use the car because of the water floating down the hills and flooding the main roads. After an extensive breakfast with fresh fruits, Muesli, yoghurt, nuts and card playing the clock reached almost 2pm. Time to get something for lunch or tea.

There are a couple of little cafés along High and Church Street but their offers vary a lot. Our first choice was Murray’s Café Bar on High St were we decided to have tea/coffee with some cake. A sign showed that all cakes are homemade and the smell of the fresh bakery as well as the coffee was breathtaking. A quick look on the menu and the counter showed that this was our place of desire: All offerings were very tempting. We chose a Persian Carrot Cake with Cinnamon – nothing we could withstand. The taste was … it’s hard to describe, but we had to have a second one of it. It would look like „stupid tourists who are out off control“ therefore we shifted out desire to the upcoming day. Keeping in mind that this place is something to remember – always.

Although it was raining we went onto the beach and walked for a while. The air was clear and the rain washed away all of our thoughts. Absolutely „brain-washed“, we went back to our cottage to dress-up a little bit for our evening dinner at the Ty’r Graig Castle. This is a local hotel with an „open to non residents“ restaurant. This place has a lot to tell: Owned by a gunmaker and built on a rock as a holiday home for himself and his wife (Ty’r Graig means house on the rock in Welsh) with a beautiful view of the sea.