Short-trip to Iceland: Update 1

Thinking of all the trouble we’ve experienced while being on Iceland, I have to tell you the following.

Secret Escapes

The reseller of the trip contacted us after my complaint about the not received level of luxury and reimbursed us by forwarding their commission (125 €) to us. They don’t like to feel bad about all facts and circumstances that happened to us. But they don’t really care about our complaints either. They closed the case without negotiating with Maris Reisen about any further compensation.

Maris Reisen

The travel agency and trip operator don’t feel any responsibilities at all. They reimbursed the costs for the rental to get to DUS and the Northern Lights tour but say, that the airline fare and hotel category matches their tender. Therefore they do not see any responsibility to further compensate anything that happened to us. The sent a check to us indicating the rental costs and the cancelled Northern Lights tour – in total 80 €. This behaviour is unacceptable and should be recognised by any traveller who is looking into a trip offered by this company which I can’t recommend at all.


To book a luxury hotel through Secret Escapes and get offered a basic room at a hotel that offers a much better standard is unacceptable. I do recommend that when you do look into a tour make absolutely sure that you do get whet you have been looking for. Print the advertised offer directly to your archive that you are able to show what you have been attracted by. I missed to do it. Therefore I do not hold any proof of it in my hands. On the members site of Secret Escapes the offer is not shown (they only show your booking confirmation, but not the original ad). It looks to me that this is done on purpose.

I do not recommend Maris Reisen and neither Secret Escapes any longer. But proof by yourself and you will definitely make your own experiences.